Gods of Egypt

What did I think of it?: 

An epos where one god teams up with a mortal. The god wants another god dead, and the mortal wants his dead love of his life alive again.

Kind of a flaky story, if you ask me, and the computer generated imagery is bad as well.

I expected more of this.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

The Age of Adeline

What did I think of it?: 

This movie is about a young woman, who doesn't age, due to an accident, and some incredible change in her body (of which the theory is not to be 'invented' before 2035).

Adeline does everything to avoid her secret to be discovered, and therefore she also does not want to be romantically involved with anyone.
If the protagonist would be male, this movie would be entirely different, but now no ones feelings are being hurt, although it seems, when the past catches up.

This movie kept my attention till the end, because it has all good ingredients: drama, romance, humor, fantasy, and even some action (I might add that I'm not a drama lover)

I liked it!

Average: 7 (1 vote)
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